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Adding gaming will help your establishment, but how can you get Illinois Gold Rush terminals at your location? It’s a relatively simple process, and Illinois Gold Rush helps you through each step. Below is a detailed description of what you’ll need to get gaming.

First Things First

 - You need to be registered with the state of Illinois and be in possession of your FEIN (federal employer tax identification number) and your IBT (Illinois business tax number).

- You must have both your federal and local liquor licenses

     * Unless you are a licensed truck stop, you must have an on-premise (pour) license

Take the Next Steps

 Once you have satisfied the requirements above, you’re considered eligible for your video gaming license.  

Click here to view the license application. The Illinois Gold Rush team will thenguide you through the application process. Once we submit the application, there are more steps to follow in order to get gaming:

 1. The owners of the establishment will need to go into one of the three private fingerprinting firms used by the Illinois Gaming Board. Investigators will need to perform private background checks on each owner.

2. Once the investigation is complete, the Illinois Gaming Board will send out a special agent for a site inspection.

3. At the time of the site inspection, the location will need to have a gaming area selected.

      - The Illinois Gold Rush team and all bar owners will need to be present at this         meeting. The Site inspector will need to see the proposed gaming area.

4. This entrance to the gaming machines needs to be in a spot that can be supervised by an employee over the age of 21 at all times to ensure no underage gaming takes place.

5. The inspector will take photos of all owners as well as the location.

6. Once this has been done, the location’s application will be send to the Illinois Gaming Board for a vote. This meeting typically happens once a month.

Illinois Gold Rush will assist through each step in the process

Once the video gaming license is obtained, our team will then install up to five video gaming terminals.  We provide the maintenance and service to these machines, you don't have to do a thing!

Any Questions?

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